What do we actually do?

At instar, we guide our clients on executing location-based marketing strategies. Leveraging our exclusive audience data set fuelled by IRL, we craft marketing campaigns that are not just strategic, but also tailored to deliver results. We champion genuine connections and data-backed tactics ensuring that your brand connects with your target audience in a meaningful way. 


Based on your defined target audience we plan the optimal locations for your OOH elements. :

        • Billboard Locations
        • Activation Venues
        • Product Seeding
        • Forecourt Schedules
        • Roadshow Roll Out
        • Publication Distribution


Based on your current marketing efforts, we analyse your strategy, then report back on how to improve that strategy to better reach your target audience :

      • Audit Billboard Holding
      • Audit Activation and Roadshow Locations
      • Analyse Distribution Waste
      • Target Audience Profile
      • Social Paid Media Campaigns


Let us help you execute! We would love to assist with bringing all our strategic, data-driven ideas to life:

      • Billboard Bookings
      • Activations: Venues, Promoters, Branding
      • Onboard Seeding Distributors
      • Roadshow Planning and Bookings
      • Publication Bookings
      • Paid Campaign Management

What media platforms do we execute across?

Including but not limited to…

Book OOH, activations, billboards, new store launches, flyers, social media advertising, street poles, promotional events, brand collaborations.