We are the future of Marketing.

Strategic Go-To-Market solutions driven by real-life audience data. For too long the digital realm has owned refined audience targeting, now we can offer the same level of targeting for all OOH and location-based campaigns.

.We can…

Improve your marketing strategy.

Eliminate targeting guesswork.

Optimise your budget.

But how do we do that…



Driving decisions with data-driven insights has never been more critical. By harnessing location intelligence, we can decode consumer behavior like never before. What’s your favorite coffee shop? Do you explore local art galleries? Planning a vacation soon? All these insights can be unlocked through location analytics. Think of it as peering into consumer preferences and tailoring campaigns for maximum impact.


There are various layers of demographic data to consider. By diving deep into the lifestyles and preferences of your target audience, you unlock the key to effective marketing strategies. Understanding what drives your consumers and their daily consumer journey, allows you to tailor your marketing approach. Making impactful connections at the right moment, on the right platform, with the right message.


Drive growth in market share by gaining deep insights into your brand’s performance. Understand where your brand excels and where there is room for improvement. Knowing whether you are attracting new customers or retaining existing ones will help you fine-tune your marketing strategies and campaign KPI’s. Stay ahead of the competition by understanding their success and tailoring your approach to resonate with your target audience.


Brands don’t exist in isolation; they thrive within a bustling ecosystem of consumerism. By understanding your audience’s affinity for other brands, you can unlock exciting collaborative opportunities that you may not have considered before. This insight also allows us to tap into the principle of homophily (Birds of a Feather), potentially expanding your reach to new target demographics with a strong affinity primed for conversion.

Out of Home, OOH

Why Out Of Home (OOH)?

In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, engaging with consumers goes beyond the digital realm. Out of Home (OOH) advertising offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a tangible, impactful way, away from the digital noise. Unlike online ads that can be easily ignored or skipped, OOH campaigns demand attention and leave a lasting impression. At instar, we understand the power of OOH in boosting brand visibility and fostering genuine connections in a fast-paced world.

OOH media is a landscape of trust, high reach, creativity, and conversion. From striking billboards to interactive activations and strategic print placements, we ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right moment.


So where does your target audience reside? Where do they travel daily, and what is their favourite flavour of ice-cream (just joking). Let’s chat and see how we can optimise your next marketing campaign with a data-driven strategy!