What are people saying about your brand? Is it positive, is it negative? In the digital world you need to be able to capitalise quickly on positive sentiment & potential influencers but deal with any negative sentiment that could damage your brands online reputation.

Google it. That’s what we do whenever we are in a bind. Diverse as the technology is, the internet has become part of our daily lives. It is impossible to avoid connecting to or with and device with direct access to the internet these days. One cannot complete a day without browsing a social media platform or checking on updates and trends – or playing an online game.

We put our brand on the internet, then we put our reputation online. The role of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is to counteract any negative trends or resolve conflicts as quickly as possible, all the while capitalizing on the positive sentiment growing your brand.

Online Reputation Monitoring

We monitor your online reputation from news to social media. We track social media accounts plus follow your hashtags & brand names to ensure the ongoing dialog about your brand is positive & consistent. We also pay close attention to online reviews & comments and we deal with the negative comments thoroughly where ever we may find them. Instar group works hard to gain positive reviews from the customers.

A key element to Online Reputation Management is having a team of trained professionals to identify & react quickly to potential threats to your brands reputation. We have the tools, the skills & desire to dig up every last piece of content.

To get a quote please send us your details & we’ll call you! We’ll ask a few questions & customise a quote for your brand.

Additional Content Services

Instar Group takes pride in professionally written content to top search engine results and return high search engine visibility.  Instar Group provides the reputation management services you need for your brand. We respond to any crisis and deal with them appropriately.

Top of the Search List

Instar Group proudly creates professionally written profiles that can possibly dominate the top search boxes of the search engines such as Google and Bing.