We bridge the gap between social media strategy & measurable engagement results.
Instar Group are innovative digital experts that dominate & specialize in the world of crowd activation & live event engagement. We make social media, social!

Instar Group understands what fans, organizers, sponsors and brands all want from social media exposure and we give it to them. It is that simple.
Your goals are achieved through the integration of all social media platforms and current campaign themes and strategy.

Instar Group actively targets audiences using social media at your event to captivate and enhance:

  • Audience loyalty and growth by means of sharing and tagging
  • Memorable interactions between target audience, sponsors and brands
  • Positive brand association
  • Commercial partner satisfaction with measurable results
  • Improved digital/social media footprints for your event & commercial partners

Harness the power of your audience! We guarantee a spike in social media engagement between the event/audiences/commercial partners.
Contact us to setup an appointment and find out how we can take your next event viral.

Realize Viral Potential

Instar Group offers measurable digital value by connecting target audiences with brands & commercial partners. We combine four areas of specialized expertise to ensure social media engagement:

  • Keyword Research
  • Event & Partner social media evaluations
  • Live Event strategy
  • Live Event Activation

Real-time engagement throughout an event elevates commercial partner status on social platforms, thus substantially adding measurable value to commercial partners and associated brands.

It's natural. Authentic. Real.

Active engagement encourages loyalty and builds positive brand association.

We harness a subtle but powerful advertising tool to achieve the Holy Grail: Authentic posts for and by users.

Target audience’s share and tag status’s, activities, posts and brands with family, friends, friends of friends and followers.

Your brand instantly gains trust and the extra cool factor.