Content Marketing

Pre-approved content writing to ensure that your social media posts & blogs uphold your brand messages & filter audiences to achieve goals. From Website content to Blog writing to Facebook posts & Twitter updates, we research, write & publish it all for you!

Content Strategy

Creating content with purpose. Instar Group believes that content without purpose only offers a cluttered experience and creates confusion. That’s where Content Strategy takes the lead; get strategic about your target audience, your marketing strategy, your writing style, and your identity as a whole.


Content Creation

Assuring you great and stable stream of fresh Content flowing all throughout your distribution channels. As a content marketing agency, we believe that one of the most leveraged ways to attract new people to your business is through Content. Why? Simply because it builds your brand, validates your presence & establishes a hierarchy of expertise.
Remember, everything that you do online reflects on your brand, that’s why we take content creation seriously. Good content educates/creates awareness about your product by sharing value-driven content about certain topics.  Great content also helps you build rapport and relationships with your target audience; remember when someone recognizes you or your brand, it will be easier for them to join you on your campaigns and ultimately engage or buy.
Many content companies can talk content creation but none can compete with our level of innovation & professionalism.


Distribution & Promotion

It is as important to effectively distribute and promote your content through paid channels, newsletters, influencers around the internet and a lot more. Most digital marketing professionals today, have shifted to creating video materials, articles, case studies and other content pieces. But little do they know that successful content marketing strategies don’t just rely on content alone, but on the ability to combine the content creation processes with targeted distribution. Instar Group assures you that your content does not only remain content, but rather a well-distributed tool designed & implemented to achieve ROI.


Metrics & Analytics

What metrics are important to your campaign? Is your content leading you to nowhere? Leave all the tools and techniques for accessing and interpreting the data to us. We help you measure the effectiveness of your content across all platforms, and report back! This is a constant state of iteration for improvement.